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By SAMBA, 01/31/19, 3:45PM PST


While it is still early in the year and most are not thinking about baseball yet, we have been working away at getting the 2019 season in order.  

Finding enough coaches to volunteer to develop our kids can sometimes be challenging.  Recently SAMBA has committed to investing and developing coaches and this year we will do the same and hopefully more.  With that said we are looking to hear from past coaches if they intend to coach again this year, and we are also looking for more coaches to step up this year.  

If you have coached before and intend to help again this year please let us know.  If you would like to help coach and don't know where to start let us know as well.  We expect we will need to add another 15 or more coaches this year.  

We want to help new and returning coaches get any help they may need, and the earlier we start the more time we have to provide training materials and support.  

So please get in contact with Jim Piggot who is our new Director of coaching development this year and let him know if you can help coach.  His email is and his cell number is 250-804-5397.